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2016 Deadlines    Late Filing Penalties
October 31, 2016

We now offer a NEW FREE-AUTOMATIC EXTENSION Until February 28, 2017, FOR 1099-MISC-Box7: Summary:

Your Extension of Time to file 1099-Misc-NEC-Box7 has been secured until March 2, 2017. There is nothing you need to do.

Click here to verify your company has the extension:


We have developed new software that crawls our backup system and pulls a list all of your Payer/Filers. You have a 30 day extension until March 2, 2017. 

This is GOOD NEWS to those for whom we e-Filed in the past. There is no reason for them to re-submit their payer/filers to us. We already have that information. And can now automate the extension process.

There is NO DOWN SIDE to an extension of time. You can still e-File by the January 31, 2016 deadline, if you wish. If you have none of these forms, or other forms, the extension of time will not hurt you. If you do not want an extension, please contact us before January 17, 2017.

If you did not use our Secure Service Bureau, then we do not have your information. You must follow the procedure shown below in RED.

October 19, 2016



Good News for 1099s: The IRS has a new 30 day GUARANTEED-ACCEPTED extension for 1099-Misc-NEC. 1099 Express offers TWO ways to get your extension of time. To Review:

1099-Misc-NEC means some or all of the money is in Box 7 Non-Employee Compensation. For example, contractors and vendors go in Box 7. 1099-Misc-NEC is the MOST COMMON type of 1099 in the USA. These MUST BE FILED TO THE IRS BY JANUARY 31, 2017, whether on paper or electronically. Also, the Payee Copy-B and Copy-2 must be mailed by January 31, 2017. Otherwise there are penalties.

1099 Express can PRINT AND MAIL YOUR PAYEE COPIES, Click Here For Prices.

Click here for the best way to get Extensions of Time for your Clients.

On October 12, 2016, to our relief, the IRS made NEW RULES for a guaranteed 30 day extension to file 1099-Misc-NEC forms. This means our Service Bureau can e-File for you during all of February/span>, but only if you have an extension.

Unfortunately, there are NO Guaranteed-Accepted extension for W-2 forms. Payroll must make the W-2 deadline. Click here for due dates for all forms. Many businesses will not be able to meet the January 31 deadline, and will need the 1099 30 DAY extension of time, now being offered for 1099-Misc-NEC. Otherwise they will pay hefty penalties up to $260 per form. Click here for Late Filing Penalties.

1099 EXPRESS OPTIONS FOR EXTENSIONS: We offer 2 ways to get extensions:

1. Full Service: We do it for you. The fee is $75.00.
2. Self Service: Do it yourself for free.

NOTE: Regardless of how, ALL 1099 GUARANTEED-ACCEPTED EXTENSIONS MUST BE FILED BETWEEN JANUARY 17, 2017 (earliest date allowed) and JANARY 31, 2017 (the deadline), at the IRS FIRE site.

Full Service for a fee:

For the fee of $75.00 we can e-File from 1 to 10,000 companies/payers/filers/clients for you. Each filer gets the 30 day extension. This is perfect for CPAs, Bookkeepers, Enrolled agents, tax professionals, or large companies with many divisions and/or entities. We can also provide this service for small businesses with just one or two entities. Here is how:

A. Put the data in a spreadsheet, and send it to us Click Here for Spreadsheet Option, or
B. Type the data into the 1099 Express program and send the "Extension source" file. Click Here for Program Option. The data is very SIMPLE: The Company's TaxID, Name, Addr, City, State and Zip.

SEND YOUR EXTENSION DATA NOW. We will queue up your DATA, then e-File your extension file as soon as possible on or after January 17, 2017, then send your confirmation and proof of extension.

Self Service: Get your extension FREE:

- You must remember to do the following as soon after January 17th as possible. The IRS site may be extremely busy.

- WITHOUT A TCC: You can log into the IRS FIRE site at http://FIRE.IRS.GOV, create an account, log into your account, and choose the fill-in-by-hand extension of time, one company at a time. You can print out written proof of your 30 day extension instantly. You may do this for as many companies as you wish. The only limit is how busy the IRS FIRE site is (the number of people the FIRE site can handle at one-time) which is unknown. The 1099 Express Service Bureau can not do this for you, there is not enough time.

- WITH A TCC: You can do the fill-in-by hand method above, or e-File the extensions yourself to the IRS. Click Here for the Program Option. E-Filing the extension is faster, and takes less time than those hogging the FIRE site with fill-in-by-hand keyboarding, which may cause FIRE to slow down, stop or even collapse during busy times.

Official IRS Sources:

New Paper Form 8809 Rev. Sept 2016
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Publication 1220

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