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Get an Extension by entering your Company/Payer/Filer/Client/Entity information into a spreadsheet.

Do not send your spreadsheet by e-Mail. Instead, Please Click Here for directions on how to send your spreadsheet via our Secure Server.

Click here to open the Sample Excel Spreadsheet.

Enter the types of form(s) for which you are requesting the 30 day automatic extension of time. Or choose ALL forms allowed. If no form types are chosen, we will assume 1099-Misc-NEC. The Extension is for 30 days from the deadline of the forms. See Deadlines.aps

The spreadsheet may look like this. Columns not needed can be removed, such as Name2, 5498-ESA, 8027, etc.

SSN Name Name2 Addr City State Zip 1099-Misc-NEC 1099 5498 1042-S 8027 5498-SA 5498-ESA 1095-B 1094-95-C
77-7651234 Wilson Contracting   121 Main St. Tulsa OK 67344 X                
22-1239873 Smith Vending PO Box 444 Austin TX 75344 X                
44-2345777 Rio Landscaping 387 Region Dr. Dallas TX 75344 X    
45-3377654 Wilson Electric 8844 Water St. Houston TX 77344 X