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Form Title Link to Click Size
All Copies of Form 1099-Misc f1099msc.pdf Small
1099 General Instructions


1099-Misc Instructions (money per box) i1099misc.pdf Small
1099-Interest (detailed instructions) i1099int.pdf Small
Form 4419 for TCC number f4419.pdf Small 
Form 8809 Extension of Time to File f8809.pdf  Small
Form W-9 Request for TIN  fw9.pdf Small
Pub 1586 Reasonable Cause  p1586.pdf Small
Pub 1220 E-File Specifications  p1220.pdf Large
Pub 3609 Internet Filing to IRS p3609.pdf Small
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Pub 1281 backup Withholding Missing/Incorrect TINs p1281.pdf Medium
List of new IRS draft forms Draft Forms IRS site
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Any IRS Forms and Pubs by Number  click here IRS site

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