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New Customer Prices

New customer 2-user license 1099 Express $199.00

An Authorized IRS
e-Fileand software provider.
New customer 2-user license W-2 Express $149.00
New customer 2-user license 1042-S Express $298.00
New customer 2-user license 1095 Express $299.00

Previous Customer Renewal Prices

Renewal 1-user license 1099 Express $99.00
Accept Credit Cards Online
Renewal 4-user license 1099 Express $198.00
Renewal 1-user license W-2 Express $99.00
Renewal 4-user license W-2 Express $198.00
Renewal 2-user license 1042-S Express $298.00
Renewal 2-user license 1095 Express $299.00

The Software Includes

All 1099 Express programs include everything we offer; there are no surprises or extra modules to purchase.  All programs include:
  • Our Enterprise software with networking capability.
  • Free electronic filing from your computer to the IRS or SSA.
  • Free paper filing from your computer to the IRS or SSA.
  • The only programs to feature importing data by Copy and Paste from Excel, and Print Capture.
  • e-File or print forms for all previous tax years.  Both originals and corrections.
  • Creates professional looking laser forms for recipients on blank paper for use with standard envelopes.
  • Allows unlimited filers, (i. e. Clients, Companies, Entities) each with unlimited recipients.
  • Supports full correction capabilities and Combined Federal/State Filing Program.
  • Free updates of the current year program after it is purchased.
We provide excellent technical support from the USA by telephone and E-Mail. The 1099 Express program supports ALL 1099 SERIES FORMS, including Form 1096, all 1099 forms, all 1098 forms, all 5498 forms and W2-G. W-2 Express supports forms W-2 and W-3, and 1042-S Express supports form 1042-S. All programs work with all 32-bit versions of Windows including Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP/Vista. 

Service Bureau Prices (Optional)

All software can perform e-Filing directly from your desktop to the IRS or SSA at no cost. The items below only apply to customers who ask us to perform these services for them. The e-Filing 1099 service Bureau is available to only customers who have purchased our software. Subsequent and corrected 1095 files are $75.00. Files in excess of 10,000 forms are $75 for each 10,000 forms or fraction thereof.
We e-File for you (First file, up to 10000 payees) $75.00
We e-File for you (Subsequent files, up to 10000 payees) $75.00

Avoid IRS notices and penalties before you file. Verify that names match each Tax ID number in advance. For for more information on this Tin/Name Matching service please see Service Bureau.
Tin/Name Matching Filing per file (up to 10000 names per file) $74.00


All 1099 Express programs are "try before you buy". When you download and install our software, you get the real program. No other program is required. The program always installs in test mode. If you decide to purchase the program, you receive an "Activation Code" which makes the software fully functional on one computer, or if you purchased a multi-user license, allows you to activate the program on multiple computers. The software may be used in the un-activated state for testing, and evaluation purposes only. It may not be used in the un-activated state for sending forms to payees, data entry, production importing, e-filing, or any other purpose except testing and evaluation.

Purchase Receipts: For online or call in credit card sales, a purchase receipt is provided instantly, with the activation code and activation instructions, by both e-Mail and Fax. For manual check purchases, the receipt and activation code is provided when we receive your check, again by both e-Mail and Fax. So please be careful to give or enter your correct e-Mail and Fax. If a receipt is not received, please contact us ASAP.

Transfer of License: Programs can be moved to another computer at no cost ONLY BY de-activating and uninstalling on the original computer while it is connected to the internet. This deactivation and uninstalling process will reduce by one the customer's count of activated computers, for that particular software program. The user may then install from the internet and activate the same program on another computer, using the same activation code. To begin the process of moving to another computer, click on the "Transfer License" Menu inside the 1099 Express program.

Refund Policy: Since all 1099 Express programs allow you to save imported data and test the real program before purchase, our customers, in practice, usually have their data imported, know how to use the program, and are ready print and/or e-File before they purchase the program. Thus, our customers rarely ask for a refund. However, your money will be refunded within the first 15 days after purchase, but only if the program has not been activated, the program has been uninstalled, and you present the original receipt or paid invoice from purchase. Refunds are never allowed after a program has been activated. For any refund, we have the right to charge a five percent (5%) fee for the cost of overhead in reversing the transaction. Customer agrees it will never initiate a chargeback (an attempt to reverse a sale to customer made by credit card). Instead, customer agrees to contact us and request a refund check (or a credit of the customer's credit card account). Regardless of the reason, if the customer or someone in customer's organization initiates a chargeback, the customer agrees to pay us a $50.00 processing fee, plus $75 per hour for our time in disputing the chargeback, whether the chargeback is successful in reversing a the credit card sale or not.

CD-ROM Price (Optional)

CD-ROM with 1099, W-2, and 1042-S programs $15.00

We do not recommend purchasing a CD-ROM, unless you have no internet service, or your policy requires a CD. Do not purchase a CD-ROM unless you have already purchased one or more programs above. NO REFUNDS are made for "CD only purchases". You should download the software to avoid the CD fee, if you have internet access. A CD will not result in extra activated programs or free programs.

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Copyright © 1099 Express™ 361 884-1500.

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