2019 Pre-Release

Click the link below to download and install the 2019 pre-release (early release) of 1099 Express. This program may be purchased by credit card at the ORDER link, however, to activate you must call 361-884-1500. (Automatic Activation will not work until new year invoices are issued in July).

Click here to download and install the 2019 Pre-Release of 1099 Express

The pre-release is normally issued at the end of February, before all the IRS specifications are ready for 2019. It is updated occasionally during the year for the latest forms and instructions to recipients, as these become available from the IRS. Most of the 2019 forms have not been released.

The pre-release is made for our customers who need to print and create 2019 recipient copies all year long, or just want to enter data early to keep up. For example, 1099-S Forms for real estate closings during the year, 1098-C automobile donations, 1099-Misc one time settlements, 1099-C cancellation of debt notices, going out of business closings, and other reasons. The IRS will not allow you to file by paper or electronically for tax year 2019 until January 15, 2020.

When you purchase the 1099 Express pre-release early, you will automatically get the full 1099 Express program at no extra cost when it comes out. Your pre-release program will notify you automatically when the full version is available, just open it occasionally, it will automatically check for new versions. You can force the program to check for a new version by clicking the Internet MENU, then "Check for New Version". The full 1099 Express program comes out only after the IRS issues Publication 1220 (the technical changes for e-Filing formats), usually after August. Warning, the pre-release may contain certain forms and instructions from the previous year that are not yet defined by the IRS. Please contact us if you have questions.

Previous Years Programs
Past year programs are NOT RECOMMENDED, especially for 1099-Misc Forms, the MOST COMMON Form, and all other forms.
Installing past years programs causes trouble;  double-click on .src files will invoke the wrong program.

You don't need past year programs because:

The Current Year Program can PRINT ALL PAST YEAR FORMS.
The Current Program can create and handle corrections and originals for all past years.
The current Program CAN E-File PAST YEAR Originals and Corrections to the IRS.

Installing past year programs WILL NOT RECOVER YOUR DATA, from an old computer or give the location of your data.
Past year programs will not work with pre-printed, red-lined IRS Copy A Forms.

1099 Express for 2017 Setup17.exe
W-2 Express for 2017 W2Setup17.exe
1042-S Express for 2017 T42Setup17.exe
1095 Express for 2017 ASetup17.exe

1099 Express for 2016 Setup16.exe
W-2 Express for 2016 W2Setup16.exe
1042-S Express for 2016 T42Setup16.exe
1095 Express for 2016 ASetup16.exe

1099 Express for 2015 Setup15.exe
W-2 Express for 2015 W2Setup15.exe
1095 Express for 2015 ASetup15.exe
1042-S Express for 2015 T42Setup15.exe

1099 Express for 2014 Setup14.exe
W-2 Express for 2014 W2Setup14.exe
1042-S Express for 2014 T42Setup14.exe

1099 Express for 2013 Setup13.exe
W-2 Express for 2013 W2Setup13.exe
1042-S Express for 2013 T42Setup13.exe

Custom Software and Additional Downloads

Zip File Install Method

Use the Zip File Install method if you have problems using the Setup17.exe install files. Some PCs are locked down by firewalls, virus checkers, and IT persons so that you can not run an executable program such as Setup17.exe or the other .exe programs.

Click below to save the .zip file anywhere on your computer, for example "Downloads".

E2018.zip (choose SAVE AS) for the 1099 Express program.

E2017.zip (choose SAVE AS) for the 1099 Express program.
W2017.zip (choose SAVE AS) for the W2 Express program.
T2017.zip (choose SAVE AS) for the 1042-S program.
A2017.zip (choose SAVE AS) for the 1095 Express program.

Navigate to the zip file, and double click to unzip it. You will see a folder called E2017 or W2017 or T2017. Right click on E2017 (or W2017 or T2017) and copy that folder to your root c:\ drive (not program files).

Next Create a shortcut on your desktop:

For 1099 Express Navigate to C:\E2017\Bin then double click on Shortcut.exe
For W-2 Express Navigate to C:\W2017\Bin then double click on Shortcut.exe
For 1042-S Navigate to c:\T2017 then double click on Shortcut.exe

DO NOT COPY these .exe program files to your desktop.


Quickbooks Export to 1099 Express - Manual Read First

Quickbooks Export to 1099 Express - Download and Install

2015 Multiple Company 1099 Express program for $1,500

2016 Multiple Company 1099 Express program for $1,500

2017 Multiple Company 1099 Express program for $1,500

2018 Multiple Company 1099 Express program for $1,500


Fine Print Program FP538.exe for Windows XP

Fine Print Program FP612.exe for Windows after XP

Plese do not use the repair programs here unless asked by tech support first.

Failed to get data FIX Repair2.exe -- For 1099 Express

Failed to get data FIX RepairT.exe -- For 1042-S Express

Failed to get data FIX RepairA.exe -- For 1095 Express

Failed to get data FIX RepairW2.exe -- For W-2 Express

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