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To quickly understand Copy and Paste from Excel, download and install the program (it takes 15 seconds, no personal data is requested). Then, open the sample Excel spreadsheet Misc.XLS (located on the C:\ drive in the E200x folder). Copy the top 10 rows of the sample spreadsheet. Bring up 1099Express. Click the Edit Menu then "Paste From Excel by Header Name". Notice the columns are re-arranged to match the 1099 Express grid! For more info, just click Help/Index, Topic 4, inside the 1099Express program.

1099 Express can import 50,000 payee records in less than 1 second. To Copy and Paste from Excel, insert headers in Row 1 to match your columns, like the samples in red below. Headers must be spelled like the 1099Express grid headers. There is no need to re-arrange your spreadsheet manually. Paste by Header Name automatically rearranges your columns to match the 1099 Express grid. For example, both sheets below import the same data, even though the columns are in a different order. If you have a non-used column, just leave the header blank.

1. Select the whole spreadsheet then click Edit/Copy. 
2. Switch to 1099 Express and click Edit/Paste from Excel by Header Name.

This import method works instantly, even with thousands of records. Try this method now. Just download and install 1099 or W-2 Express now (see Help/Index Topic 4, and the sample spreadsheet called Misc.xls).
 1099 Express can import other formats supported by Excel, including Quickbooks, Access, Dbase, fixed and delimited text files, and many other formats that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Note: Importing is designed to avoid re-typing data, which can be exported from an accounting or other system. If you plan to type your records from scratch, you may still use Excel. However, you may also use 1099Express which will validate each record as it is typed.

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