Creating and e-Filing an Extension of Time File.

Step 1

Enter all Filers/Clients/Comanies that need extensions of time. Filer can be entered by hand as shown. Or imported from Excel using Copy and "Paste From Excel by Header Name" in a manner similar to 1099 Express. The key is to use the correct header for each form type. Usually the extra headers needed are "1099-Misc-NEC or "1099". All header are in the top of the Grid when FormType selected is EXT.

After entering or importing all Filers, SAVE the .src file. It is OK to insert Account Numbers when saving.


After the file is saved, click the Options menu, then "Build IRS Extension File".

Step 3: Save the file:

Give your Extension File a NAME. Such as Jones-Group1-EXT1.txt, don't use the default EXT1.txt.
Step 4:

Your Tracking Report Will appear. It is already saved in the same folder as your Source (*.src) file, but go ahead and PRINT IT ANYWAY. You are going to need it shortly. Log into the FIRE.IRS.GOV web site and get to the MAIN MENU.

Step 5:

Click on the HyperLink "Extension of Time Request"
Step 6:

Click the above link, and follow the prompts until you get here:

Step 7:

Tell the IRS what types of Extensions are included in your Source file. Enter the Number of IRS records from the Tracking Report. DO NOT ENTER THE NUMBER OF FILERS. The Number of IRS Records will be DOUBLE the number of Filers if there are 2 FormTypes for every FILER. Click Submit

Step 8:

Confirm everything. Then Upload your the File you just saved.
Same file in the Tracking Report.
In this example: Jones-Group1-EXT1.txt

If you are submitting a file to replace a previous Extension of Time file that was BAD, click the checkbox labeled:
"Resubmission for previously denied file" back in Step 7.

Then confirm the next window. "Replacement: Yes"
The Upload your file.