This page is now obsolete. To activate your program use the new, easy, Automatic method:

1. Be sure the 2007 program is installed on the correct computer before Activation.
2. Start the 1099 Express Program.
3. Click the "Activate" button on the first "About" screen.
4. Choose the Automatic Activation option.

It is no longer necessary to use the instructions below. This page is for manual activation only.

Activation Reminders: Your Program Serial Number is found on the program's first "about" screen. Enter your activation code inside the 2007 program at the Help/Register menu. Do not use this page for THE 1042-S PROGRAM, instead call 361 884-1500.
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Invoice No.:
Program Serial Number:


Activation Details

The Activation Code converts the 1099 Express program from demo or trial mode to full function mode.

1. INSTALL THE 2007 PROGRAM:  Be sure the 2007 program is installed on the actual computer you will be using. If not, go to the correct computer and do everything from there. To install the 2007 program simply go to www.1099Express.com and click the DOWNLOADS link at the top. Click the program you want, then RUN or OPEN, then follow the easy instruction. Remember, the new 2007 program does not require last years program be present. The new 2007 program does not modify your 2006 program or data. The new 2007 program is installed in a new folder called E2007 on your C: drive.

2. Get your PROGRAM SERIAL NUMBER: With the trial program installed on the correct computer, start the program (to start the program, double-click the red, white and blue 2006 ICON on your desktop). An "About" screen will appear with your PROGRAM SERIAL NUMBER. Make a note of this number. The PSN can also be found by clicking on the Help Menu, then "Register" inside the program.

3. Get your Customer ID Number and your Invoice Number. These are found on your credit card receipt, or correspondence we sent you regarding check purchase.

4. Get your ACTIVATION CODE: Go to www.1099Express.com and click the "Get Activation Code" link at the top right. Enter the items called for.

5. Enter your 2007 activation code at the Help/Register menu, inside the 2007 1099 Express program. The program will then respond with a message saying "Activated".

If you have any problem, or question, please contact us at Sales@1099Express.com or 1099@STX.RR.com or call 361 884-1500.

Thank you!