Bringing Data Forward from Last Year

Often you might wish to use your 1099 list from last year, and just change the money amounts, then add or edit a few payees, without re-entering them all over again. In order to do this, you simply copy the data files from last year's folder to this year's folder. For example last years default folder may have been C:\E2003 and this years folder may be C:\E2004.

Once you get last years data file copied to this years folder, simply open the file(s) with 1099Express for 2004, to update your data and money amounts. Also be sure to change the year to 2004 inside the A record. To do this click on the Company Button (Or Options/Company Menu). Then Click OK and save the file. 

There are a couple of ways to copy last year's file or files to this years folder.

1. Use last years 1099 Express program to copy the file.
2. Use Windows Explorer to copy the file.

Have you forgotten the file name from last year? If so, there might be an easy way to find it, using last year's program!! See below.

Using Last Years Program:

Start last years 1099 Express Program. Click on the File Menu (it will drop down). The File Menu section between "Printer Driver Setup", and "Exit" shows a list the last five files that were opened by last year program (like MS-Word). Click on the file at the top of the list. It be opened into the Window. Please verify this is the right file from last year. If the program does not have a drop down list of previous files click RE-OPEN.

If this is the right file, save it to this years folder (Such as C:\E2004) using the File/Save AS Menu. Be sure the little "yellow folder" called E20041 is "open" before you save. Next, start 1099 Express for 2004. Open the file you copied, and start changing the money amounts. Be sure to change the year as described above. Be sure to save your changes.

Using Windows Explorer:

Start Windows Explorer or NT Explorer by right clicking on the Start Button, then left click Explore.  Navigate to last years folder, and last years data file. Click once on the file to highlight it. Next, click Edit\Copy inside Explorer. Next, Navigate to this years folder, usually C:\E2004. Use Edit\Paste inside Explorer to put a copy of the file in the C:\E2004 folder. You are now ready to start 1099 Express for 2004, open last years file and start make your changes.

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