1099 Express is Network Ready

All programs, including 1099 Express, W-2 Express, and 1042-S Express are fully NETWORK READY! The Software can open and save multiple data files to and from any Server or Workstation on a Local Area Network so long as such files are contained in normal shared drives and/or shared folders on the network, and you have permission. When a given file is opened from a workstation location, that file is locked for safety, so no other user can change the current user's data. When a file is closed, other users may then access the file. Permission means the shared resource may be set for read, write, modify for everybody, or just certain workstations or persons. Permissions are always set up by your network administrator.

All programs, including 1099 Express, W-2 Express, and 1042-S Express, were designed to be installed and activated on a workstation only. The programs should never be installed on the server. If installed on a LAN server or share, it is guaranteed to fail in certain aspects of printing, creating forms on blank paper, and other problems will develop. These problems are not obvious at first. Any program that is run on a "Terminal Server", "Citrix Server" or similar server, requires a multi-user license. Please see License Agreement.

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