1. Save typing and work:
Import your Companies/Filers with the Options Menu "Import Filers.txt to Extension File". This feature imports the Filers.txt file from the C: drive E201x\BIN folder See Topic No. 38 in Help/Index in the software.

2. Import Filers From Excel
by Copy and Paste From Excel by Header Name. Open the "Extensions.xls" from the "ExcelFiles" Folder under SAMPLES in program folde E201x. Use this template for importing you companies for extensions. See Topic No. 38 in the Help/Index in the software.

For the first time in decades, 1099-Misc-NEC (Box 7) must be e-Filed by January 31, 2018. In past years, the deadline has been March 31. This 2 month decrease in time can cost a HEAVY PENALTY if you are late. For example, the penalty could be as much as $260.00 per form, i. e. $2600.00 penalty for just 10 forms being late. See Late Filing Penalties. This new deadline may be impossible for many Filers.

But now the PAYER/COMPANY/ENTITY can get a 30 day Extension of Time File for 1099s! (but not W-2).

Use 1099 Express EXTENSION OF TIME DATA ENTRY SCREEN shown below.

You must get an Extension of Time for EVERY Entity/Company/Payer/Division who files 1099-Misc-Nec forms. Not the payees, not the recipients, just Payer/Company.

This is especially important if you have MULTIPLE ENTITIES/CLIENTS/PAYERS, Such as a CPA or Tax professional who handles 1099s for your clients. You will need to get an extension of time FOR EACH AND EVERY CLIENT! 

Just fill out this form and click OK for every Company/Payer. Save the file and upload it via our Secure Service Bureau, and we do the rest. We e-File to the IRS, and provide a confirmation!

Here are the detailed steps:
For more information, please contact 1099 Express at 361-884-1500.

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