1099 Express Service Bureau

1099Express is an Authorized IRS e-file and software provider.

To SEND your file via secure web site: Click here to SEND your file.

To RECEIVE a file via secure web site: Click here to RECEIVE a file.

After Uploading your file(s):

• Be certain to click the "BIG BLUE LINK" and complete the information, otherwise your files will not be processed.
• You may OPTIONALLY e-Mail us, to verify that we received your data, (see below).
• Please DO NOT CALL as this will only delay your processing.
• Send your e-Mail to: Teresa@1099Express.com
• The e-Mail should include your Customer Number, Invoice Number, your name, phone, company and names of the files you uploaded.
• We will provide your IRS confirmation ASAP! Thank you!

With all Service Bureau activities:

• All information submitted is confidential.
• All transfers are via A rated secure web site with encryption. 
• You don't need to acquire a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) from the IRS.
• We provide a written tracking report and confirmation from the IRS.
• If you choose the option, The IRS will forward most 1099 forms to the states that
  participate in the IRS Combined Federal/State Filing Program, at no extra cost.
• We check the IRS file status to be certain there were no format errors. 
• You receive written proof that your records had no format errors if requested. 
• You know everything is finalized and done, completely and accurately! 
• Our software has computer filed 1099s to the IRS since 1988. 
• We are an official IRS Quality Supplier, see IRS letter at our Web site.
• You don't need to communicate with the IRS. 

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