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1099Express is an Authorized IRS e-file and software provider.

To SEND your file via secure web site: Click here to SEND your file.

To RECEIVE a file via secure web site: Click here to RECEIVE a file.

When sending a file:
• Notify us by phone and E-Mail file is on the way (361 884-1500 and Sales@1099Express.com).
• We need your name, phone, company, e-mail, and filename.
• Please verify that we received your file and it is in line for processing.

With all Service Bureau activities:

• All information submitted is confidential.
• All transfers are via secure web site (128 bit SSL encryption). 
• You are invoiced for e-filing after the work is done.
• You don't need to acquire a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) from the IRS.
• We provide a written tracking report and confirmation from the IRS.
• IRS automatically forwards a copy of each 1099 to requesting states under the CF/SF program.
• We check the IRS file status to be certain there were no format errors. 
• You receive written proof that your records had no format errors if requested. 
• You know everything is finalized and done, completely and accurately! 
• Our software has computer filed 1099s to the IRS since 1988. 
• We are an official IRS Quality Supplier, see IRS letter at our Web site.
• Our staff has 38 years computer programming experience.
• You don't need to communicate with the IRS. 

Importing 1099-Misc forms from Quickbooks, Peachtree, Laser Link, TFP, Yardi, or any other Windows program:

1099Express can import 1099-Misc (and some other forms) using "Print Capture". To see how, please click here:


Electronic Filing:

This service is only available to our customers who have purchased 1099 Express software. Typically, the customer prints and mails Copy B to the recipients before January 31st. We then file Copy A to the IRS for you electronically, before the March 31st deadline.

The price for electronic filing is $75.00 for the first file and $75.00 for any subsequent files, regardless of the number of payees in each file.  We do not charge for each individual 1099 Form. The fee is $75.00 for each 10,000 forms, or fraction thereof. Contact us for discounts on more than 10 files. You may contact us by phone or E-Mail. All 1099 Express customers can E-File from their computer to the IRS over the internet free using the program with their own TCC. Many customers, due to the annual nature of filing, simply prefer that we file for them. For instructions on how to file yourself, please see the Help/Index item No. 10 inside the program.

Bulk Tin/Name Matching:

Our Service Bureau is approved by the IRS for "BULK TIN/Name Matching program". "Bulk TIN/Name Matching" verifies the SSN or EIN is correct and matches the person's name or company name as shown on the application when the SSN or EIN was applied for. Any mismatch can result in a notice or possible penalty from the IRS.

With Bulk TIN Matching, the IRS checks and lets us know if there is a problem BEFORE YOU FILE. TIN Matching is more important if you have a LARGE number of 1099s. If you have filed most of the same people before (in previous years), and there have been no "B Notices" or penalties from the IRS for a year or more, you might not need this service. For more information please see: Frequently Asked Questions about TIN/Name Matching. For additional information, please click here.
Pricing: We perform all labor for a fee of $74.00 per file (up to 10,000 names per file) or $74.00 for each groun of 10,000 forms or fraction thereof. Our labor includes: Receiving your spreadsheet from our secure server and setting up a job name, formatting your spreadsheet or 1099 Express source file to IRS specifications for Bulk TIN Matching (including filtering out invalid characters, removing duplicate Tax ID numbers), performing the upload to the IRS, waiting for the IRS response, downloading and receiving IRS results, converting the results into user friendly text file you can understand with IRS codes and additional detailed explanations to make corrections easier, uploading the results to our secure server, notifying you by e-Mail that a special file is available for you. The turn-around time is often about 6 hours or less,  but can be 24 to 48 hours.

Mass Printing and Mailing: 

Too many to Print? We can give you a turnkey price to print and mail all of your 1099s. Our bid always includes the required first class postage, paper, quality laser printing, toner, window envelopes, folding paper, inserting paper, sealing envelopes, and delivery to the post office. The IRS required legend "Important Tax Return Document Enclosed" is shown through the window envelope. For Form 1099-Miscellaneous this normally includes the required Copy B, Copy 2, and the required instructions to the recipients printed on face of one letter sized page. For Form 1099-R this normally includes Copy B, Copy C and Copy 2, and the instructions to the recipient printed of the back of the letter sized page. For other forms this includes Copy B and the Instructions.

In this process, we use equipment that is fast and highly reliable, including high quality laser printers which may operate simultaneously. In addition, we utilize automated printing, folding, and inserting equipment. Please contact us for a quote as early in the season as possible, to assure printing and mailing before the January 31st deadline set by the IRS. More Information For more information call Barbara McMahon our Service Bureau Manager at 214-534-1210.

Extension of Time: 

Any filer can receive an automatic, no questions asked, 30 day extension for e-Filing to the IRS using Form 8809. To get form 8809 please click on this link: http://1099express.com/IRSForms.asp. If you have questions please contact us at
sales@1099Express.com, or click here to call: Contact Us.

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