Frequently Asked Questions about Name/TIN matching:

Q. How do we perform a Tin/Name Match?

A: Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet with TWO columns: Name and Tax ID for a Tin Match. If we are also mailing your W-9 solicitations, include the address (as shown below).

Name your spreadsheet must have a UNIQUE filename; something like Jones-Corp-from-Mary-Smith-2011-Tin-Match.xls. Do not send a spreadsheet named TinMatch.xls or other common generic name.

Send your spreadsheet to us using the SEND LINK at our Secure Service Bureau at www.1099Express.com/Service_Bureau.asp After sending the spreadsheet, click the link to NOTIFY US. Plese call us at 361-884-1500, if you have questions. It is your responsibility to be sure we are notified about your file upload, and that you receive the results.
Q: Will the IRS tell us the correct name if we have a SSN or EIN?
A: No, the IRS only say Match or No-Match.

Q: Will the IRS tell us the correct TIN if we have a name?
A: No, same as above. Only if its a match or not.

Q: Will the IRS tell us if it's a SSN or an EIN?
A: Yes! If you score a match, they will tell you it came from either the IRS database or the SSN database. See Sample Tin Match Report

Q: What do you need for TIN/Name matching only?
A: If we are performing just a Tin/Name match, then all we need is the payees names and tax ID numbers. Nothing else is required. It can look like this:
John Doe 72-3456789
John K. Doe 723456789
Doe, John 723-45-6789
Dr. John Doe 72-3456789
AJax Co, LLC 73-3456789

Q: What format should names and TINs be in?
A: The data can be in an Excel spreadsheet, with the 2 required columns: Name and TIN. Columns can be in any order. If dashes are present in your data, just leave them. It is not necessary to remove dashes. Dashes are ignored. If there are no dashes, that's OK, do not add them. First and Last name can be in any order.

Q: That's all? What about the vendor number?
A: Yes, you can give us the vendor number, account number, etc. if this helps you. Again columns can be in any order.

John Doe 72-3456789 78333
John K. Doe 723456789 34722A
Doe, John 723-45-6789 3788
Dr. John Doe 72-3456789 A227Z34
AJax Co, LLC 73-3456789 K224

Q: What if we want you to automatically perform the "solicitation" to establish the "reasonable cause" defense against penalties?
A: In that case, include the address too, for example:

John Doe 72-3456789 78333 215 Main St. Tulsa OK 67433
John K. Doe 723456789 34722A PO Box 477 Austin TX 75344
Doe, John 723-45-6789 3788 388 WestHeimer Suite 344 Houston TX 77001
Dr. John Doe 72-3456789 A227Z34 3344 First Ave. Suite 477 New York NY 10001
AJax Co, LLC 73-3456789 K224 385 Selma Atlanta GA 54322

Q: How does the IRS possibly match the Name to the TaxID, if this Name Field is so unorganized?

A: Simply put, IRS software looks at each word. If it begins with the first 4 letters of the last name, it's a match! This matching process is based on the so called "Name Control". This matching process is explained in Publication 1586 in detail at this link: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1586.pdf See section 9 IX about the IRS Matching Process and Name Controls.

Q: What about vendor number? We like to do our lookups by a special number?
A: You may give us another column (a 3rd column) for the vendor or other number, if you wish. That number will be in the final report along side the Name and TIN to help.

Q: Can we use formats, other than Excel?
A: Yes! You may send any format Excel can open! This includes files such as CSV, tab delimited text, fixed length text, and many others. You can also send a ".src" file created by 1099 Express Enterprise software.

Q: How do we send you the data?
A: Almost everybody knows not to use e-Mail for Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), such as names, Tax ID numbers, addresses, etc. Use the 1099Express secure server (128 bit SSL encryption). To do so, just go to this web address, then click on SEND FILE: www.1099Express.com/Service_Bureau.asp (You can just go, take a look and not send a file).

Q: How can I be sure this site is really secure?
A: Notice the "gold lock" in the bottom of your Microsoft Internet Explorer window. We use the same type ASPX internet code and SSL encryption technology used by the IRS for e-Filing at the IRS F.I.R.E web site.

Q: After we click "SEND FILE", how do we know you received our file?
A: You should see a link "CLICK HERE TO NOTIFY US". Please enter the information asked for. We are then automatically notified by e-Mail.

Q: What is the problem with duplicates and special characters?
A: The IRS does not like duplicate SSNs. They will reject the entire file if any duplicates are found. They consider it "Phishing", or hacking for the correct name. For this reason our special software removes all duplicates you may have unknowingly inserted. It's OK if you have IRS "illegal" characters like pound signs, asterisks, carets, pipes, etc. These will be filtered out by our special software.

Q: What happens when you receive our spreadsheet? What do you do with it?
A: First, we download it to our workstation via the secure web site. We import your data into special software, developed just for this purpose. We convert your data to the required IRS format. The software also sorts it, removes duplicates, and special characters. We then must manually submit your data file to the IRS using the IRS secure server. The IRS processes the data and notifies us that it is ready, sometimes within hours, often with in 24 hours. We then must manually download the IRS data, convert it to a special report format you can read and understand, and put the report up on our secure server. This is not an automated process, and takes time. We then notify you by e-Mail and provide the filename. You then go to our secure server and RECEIVE the file. You can then save the data file. The file will be a text file. Double click the file to open it into Microsoft Notepad. The file can also be opened with WordPad or Microsoft Word.

Q: Can you convert the final report back into an Excel spreadsheet that's easier to work with?
A: Yes, you can open the report into Excel with the Open wizard using fixed width text.

Q: Is our data secure with you?
A: Yes! We we never disclose data like this to anyone outside our company. Only our key employees, perform this service. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if requested.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The cost is $74 per file. We don't charge by the person. The maximum is 10,000 persons per file.

Q: How long does it take to receive the report?
A: Usually the same or next day turnaround. Rarely, but sometimes it can take longer, if the IRS web site is down or too busy to receive the data. Tin/Name matching is conducted by the IRS campus in Austin, Texas on I-35, south of downtown Austin.

Q: After we receive the TIN/Name report, what do we do about the no-matches?
A: You should "solicit" each no-match for the correct Name/Tin combination by sending a W-9 (in accordance with Publication 1586) to each no-match payee on the list we provide. 1099 Express can also perform this service automatically for you for a fee.

This "solicitation" will establish REASONABLE CAUSE, which should insulate you from no-match penalties, but not other penalties such as late filing, not e-Filing, etc. For more information see TinMatch.asp Here is a link for a severe warning letter. You may also wish to review Publication 1586 about Reasonable Cause.

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