1099 Express™ files IRS Forms 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099, 5498, 3921, 8027, W-2, W-3. It features:


  • 1. Surprise New Penalties for TY 2018!  CLICK HERE
  • 1a. NEW Previous Service Bureau Link
  • 1b. 1094 and 1095 Form SOFTWARE for ACA IRS Compliance. 1095Express.com
  • 1c. PRINT AND MAIL PRICING! PrintAndMail.asp
  • 2. NEW FORM Supports FORM 8027 Employer's Annual Return of Tip Income.
  • 3. IRS policy for Masking All Tax ID Numbers (XXXXX1234) for security!
  • 4. Supports Paperless! e-Mail recipient copies. Creates protected PDF files.
  • 5. Warning, dangerous new penalty. Get the solution you should know.
  • 6. The only program to import by Copy and Paste from Excel!
  • 7. Great for Excel users! Sample spreadsheet included.
  • 8. Download and test, without cost or obligation Network Ready!
  • 9. Prints approved forms blank paper for all tax years (current and past years).
  • 10. Free e-Filing directly from your computer to the IRS and SSA with confirmation.
  • 11. Free State e-Filing under the IRS CFSF program or IRS Pub 1220 file.
  • 12. Supports corrections and originals for current and all past tax years.
  • 13. Import 1099s from Quickbooks, Peachtree and many others with PrintCapture.
  • 13a. New, Easier Import from Quickbooks and many others with XPS PrintCapture.
  • 14. No need to purchase pre-printed forms or special envelopes.
  • 15. Allows paper filing to IRS or SSA (without e-Filing).
  • 16. Great for CPAs. Unlimited client/companies. Unlimited payees in each company.
  • 17. W-2 Express is Approved by the SSA for W-2, W-3 laser forms to the SSA.
  • 18. We are an IRS Quality Supplier since 1996, the software is tested and reliable.
  • 19. Supports ALL 1099 SERIES FORMS (1098, 1098-C, 1099s, 5498s, W-2G, 8027).
  • 20. Our TIN/Name Matching Service can help Avoid IRS Penalties.
  • 21. 1042-S Express Enterprise is used for payments to foreign persons.
  • 22. Works with All Windows versions.
  • 23. Secure Service Bureau Upload Instructions
  • 24. Extension of Time Help.
The keyboard input is on the familiar form replica

Click here to download, install and test this year's program. The real programs may be installed and tested now (an activation code is applied later if you decide to purchase). There is no obligation. Test data entry, importing, printing, saving files and other features before you buy! Learn importing by Copy and Paste with the sample Excel spreadsheet provided. Copy and "Paste from Excel" makes importing very fast and easy! The "Help/Index" menu provides answers to almost any question. Click here to Purchase Online! 1099 Express includes many additional Features and Benefits. Some of our customers include:

1099 Express™ is the Best Value

1099 Express is only $119 and W-2 Express is only $119 the best price/feature ratio in the business. For more information please see PRICES. Try this year's program before you buy.

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