e-Filing Extensions of Time

1099 Express Enterprise software lets you to create FREE a perfectly formatted IRS file for over 10 extensions of time. Activation is not required. You can file hundreds or thousands of payer extensions quickly and easily. This service is no-cost. Anyone may download and use 1099 Express Enterprise software in Demo/Test mode to create the IRS electronic file for extensions of time. To get 1099 Express software, click on this link: www.1099Express.com/Downloads.asp and follow the directions to download and install. It takes about 20 seconds on average.

You may type the data by hand directly into 1099 Express, in which case you don't need Excel.

For large numbers of payer extension requests, the best method is Excel. Just get the data into the simple format shown below.

To import this spreadsheet:
Add Payers by Hand Method:  Payees don't need to be imported from Excel. They can be typed by hand.

To Change or Correct Payers: After data is seen in the grid, double click the payer's name to CHANGE or correct the information.

To E-File extensions to the IRS

General Information

If you have 9 or less payers for extension requests, you MAY NOT e-File your extensions. Do not use this procedure! Instead, for 9 or less payers, use the FIRE.IRS.GOV web site interactively to enter extension requests manually and receive an immediate response. When using FIRE.IRS.GOV interactively, you do not need a TCC, a nice advantage.

You MUST e-file when you have 10 or more payers requesting extensions of time. Also, you must have a TCC number. To get a TCC number click here to get form 4419. Complete, then FAX Form 4419 to the IRS, following the instructions for Block 9 (do not mail form 4419). For extension requests filed via an electronic file, the transmitter must fax Form 8809 the same day as the electronic transmission. Click here to get form 8809.

Each IRS style file must be for only ONE type of extension request. It must be either for 1. An extension of time to file Copy A to the IRS, or 2. An extension of time to file recipient copies. The first request for an extension of time to file to the IRS is granted automatically. For more information see Publication 1220, Part D. Extensions of Time.

When NOT to use Excel: If you must keyboard everything, use the 1099 Express Program. It validates everything as you type. Excel does not validate.

When TO USE Excel: You can use Excel if you prefer to type into Excel. Or use Excel is you have a team of people entering data to meet a deadline. You can then combine them all into one spreadsheet for e-Filing. Use Excel if you can export the data from some other program, such as your accounting program. This could avoid typing all or part of the data. For example, maybe you could export the Payer's names and Tax ID numbers. Then just complete the rest in Excel by hand, using the power of Excel to drag down, or whatever.

Importing by Paste From Excel by Header Name is an exclusive invention of 1099 Express. You data is imported the same way for IRS FORM 1099-Miscellaneous and all other forms. For more information on importing data for 1099 reporting including printing on plain paper and e-Filing purposes, please see Help/Index Topic No. 4

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