1099 Express / W-2 Express Features and Benefits
  • Supports IRS approved automatic SSN MASKING (XXX-XX-1234) for your security!
  • Easy importing by Copy and Paste from Excel. Excel users will love this program!
  • Also imports by Print Capture from Quickbooks, Peachtree and others.
  • Imports fixed or delimited text files, csv files, Access tables, many other file formats.
  • Download and test the real program, without cost or obligation.
  • Import your data before purchase. A sample Excel spreadsheet is included.
  • Network ready; opens and saves data files on any shared network drive or folder.
  • Internet e-Filing to the IRS or SSA with written confirmations.
  • Allows e-Filing test tiles to the IRS or SSA.
  • 1099 Express can combine all client/companies into one IRS transmission file.
  • Creates professional looking forms on plain paper with any Windows printer.
  • No need to purchase pre-printed forms or special envelopes, ever!
  • Prints (creates) forms for current and all previous tax years on blank paper.
  • Also supports the old fashion pre-printed forms if you wish.
  • Easy data entry/edit on familiar EXACT REPLICA of 1099 and W-2 forms.
  • 1099 Express supports ALL 24 1099 SERIES forms, including all 1098s, all 5498s, W2G, etc.
  • W-2 Express is Approved by the SSA for black and white Copy A laser forms to the SSA.
  • Great for CPAs. Unlimited companies/employers/filers/clients/entities.
  • Unlimited payees/employees under each company.
  • 1099 Express can combine all client/companies data into one large IRS transmittal e-file.
  • We are an IRS Quality Supplier since 1995, the software is solid and reliable.
  • Supports the IRS Combined Federal/State Filing Program.
  • Supports corrections for current and all past years submitted on paper or via the internet.
  • To avoid re-typing, bring data forward from last year, then just change the money amounts.
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