1099 Express Pre-Release

Click the link below to download and install the pre-release (early release) of 1099 Express. This program may be purchased by credit card at the ORDER link, or by Invoice/Check. However, you may need to contact us at 361-884-1500 to activate the program (due to year change details).

Click here to download and install the 2020 Pre-Release of 1099 Express

The pre-release is normally issued at the end of February, before IRS e-Filing specifications, and other IRS requirements been released.

The pre-release is made for our customers who need to print and create recipient copies all year long. For example, 1099-S Forms for real estate closings during the year, 1098-C automobile donations, an other reasons.

The IRS will not allow you to file by paper or electronically until the early part of the next year.

When you purchase the 1099 Express pre-release early, you will automatically get the full 1099 Express program at no extra cost when it becomes available, usually in October.

Warning, the pre-release may contain certain forms and instructions from the previous year that are not yet defined by the IRS. Please contact us if you have questions.