Recipient Copies and General Printing


To print recipient copies open in the grid, click the File/Print Create Laser Forms Menu (or click the printer icon on the speed bar). The Page Setup dialog box will appear. Click OK at the bottom left to print all 1099s. You can also print a range of forms. All laser forms are printed on regular LETTER size paper.

The LASER FORMS Menu creates professional looking "1099 likeness" forms on plain white paper, sometimes called LASER FORMS. This style works with any Windows printer, including ink jet, bubble-jet, and others but works fastest with a laser printer.

The form shown below is designed to be folded in 3rds, with or without perforated paper. The top form will fit most No. 9 double window envelopes and most No. 10 single window stationary. The lower addresses can be moved anywhere on the lower left to fit almost any double window envelope. The legend "Important Tax Return Document Enclosed" can also be moved to show through the upper or lower window. See envelopes.

Printing Form 1099-Misc:

When printing form 1099-Misc, if the Window Envelope Addresses checkbox is not checked, the full set of instructions will be printed on the bottom 1/3rd of the page. In this case, Z-fold the paper, and the top form will fit nicely in the recommended No. 9 double window envelopes.

If Window Envelope Addresses is checked, 1099-Misc will attempt to print the addresses as shown (on the bottom left) AND print the minimum instructions (on the bottom right). This will allow use of other style window envelopes. Only instructions for boxes containing money are printed on the bottom right. Unnecessary instructions are not printed. If money is reported in too many boxes on form 1099-Misc then there may not be enough room to print all of the required instructions. If this is the case, 1099 Express will print the full instructions on the bottom 1/3rd for that particular form (like the paragraph above). For all other forms that have room, 1099Exress will print with the lower addresses showing. If this is not acceptable, 1099Express can be forced to print all instructions on the back using the Duplex checkbox.
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