With a focus on a tailored customer experience, AccuTitle aims to deliver unique and quality service to all clients regardless of agency size. Our mission is to produce title software to make an intricate process more manageable.

With that in mind Accutitle has integrated with 1099Express to facilitate the IRS filing of all 1099 S forms either by hard copy or eFiling. If you have less than 250 forms, you can print onto the IRS red forms and mail them to the IRS for free or if you have a TCC (Transmitter Control Code) you can eFile to the IRS for free.

Please see the directions below for instructions on how to extract the data to import directly into 1099Express.

Importing Data from TitleFusion into 1099Express

Go into your online TitleFusion Systems Admin screen, and choose "Tools". Choose 1099 Reporting as shown below:

Tools Window - 1099 Reporting 1099 Reporting - Create SRC

A special 1099 Express "Source File" (*.src) will be saved in your "Downloads" folder in Libraries, unlesss you select another location. Navigate to locate the .src file, then Double Click the .src file. Your data will then appear inside the 1099 Express software.

You are now ready to Print/Create 1099-S forms on your local printer. You can also build IRS files to e-File to the IRS, or better yet have 1099 Express e-File them for you. For more information call 1099 Express at (361) 884-1500.

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