e- Filing

e-Filing to the IRS using our Service Bureau

We can e-File for you for $75 per file up to 10,000 records per file and the fee is paid or invoiced at the time the file is uploaded to our Service Bureau.  Just upload the file to us thru our Service Bureau built into the program and we will validate your file, upload it to the IRS and send you an email with IRS confirmation of a successful upload.
Our friendly Customer Service Reps will interact with the FIRE site and verify that your file has been processed and is GOOD, RELEASED or BAD. If we receive a BAD status, we will notify you, help you figure out why and file a replacement if necessary, for an additional filing fee.

e-Filing to the IRS using the FIRE site (FIRE.IRS.GOV)

1099 Express allows you to e-File to the IRS for FREE. However, you must have a TCC from the IRS. Learn how to get a TCC: Click Here

Benefits of filing electronically include:

  • No pre-printed forms to purchase or print on.
  • Written proof of delivery and correct format from the IRS.
  • No minimum or maximum (you may e-file 1 to 100,000 forms).
  • Solves regulatory compliance issues if 250 or more forms.
  • Fast, easy, dependable uploads.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • See Help/Index Menu Item 10 in the program for e-file instructions.
We also offer Print & Mail services to complete the process from beginning to end for you.
Please give us a call for an individual quote: (361) 884-1500
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