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Printing, folding, and stuffing hundreds of forms is no small task. Our Service Bureau can take on that very unpleasant chore and save your staff tons of time and lots of paper cuts!

Our Service Bureau printed over 1 million forms each season utilizing state of the art printing facilities in a secure SOC II environment. Our turnkey price for simplex (single sided) forms includes all postage, supplies and labor costs. The more you print the more you save. Please see the chart below.

Number of FormsPrice per Form
1 to 100 $ 1.55
101 to 500 $ 1.44
501 to 1,000 $ 1.30
1,001 to 2,500 $ 1.24
2,501 to 5,000 $ 1.17
5,000 to 10,000 $ 1.11
Over 10,000 Quoted

For forms that require additional costs such as multiple pages (1042-S, 1099-R, 1095-C etc) there is a $0.10 cost per additional page. For those forms that require foreign postage the added fee is $1.55 per form.

For larger customers that print thousands of forms we do require a postage deposit before processing. Postage is a nonrefundable upfront cost for us so payment must be received prior to forwarding your files to the print house. There is always a 5-day lead time when submitting thru us for mailing. It takes a few days to work thru the print house so to make sure your forms are delivered to the post office by the Jan 31st deadline we need the files by no later than Jan 24th.

Keep in mind that we use an indicia so there is no visible date stamp on the envelope. If you don’t know what an INDICIA is, please see the image and definition below.

Indicia definition, a postal marking used rather than a stamp or a regular cancellation on each item in a large shipment of prepaid mail.

Our printing and mailing services are not exclusive to forms. We can provide W9 solicitations letters or any other type of mail outs that may be required. Please call one of our friendly staff to help you with any printing and mailing needs: (361) 884-1500

Sample Forms:

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