e-Filing deadline for all 1099 NEC forms is Jan 31st! All other due dates can be viewed on the IRS website.

e-Filing to the IRS using our Service Bureau

If you have more than 250 forms for one filer the IRS requires that you eFile and will not accept forms submitted on paper. There are 2 options for eFiling – we can do it for you for a fee or you can do it for free as long as you have a TCC – more on that below. The benefits for eFiling are many even if you don’t meet the 250 form count threshold.

Benefits of filing electronically include:

  • No pre-printed forms to purchase or print on.
  • Written proof of delivery and correct format from the IRS.
  • No minimum or maximum (you may e-file 1 to 100,000 forms).
  • Solves regulatory compliance issues if 250 or more forms.
  • Fast, easy, dependable uploads.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can e-File for you for $75 per file up to 10,000 records per file. Just upload the file to us thru our Service Bureau built into the program and we will validate your file, upload it to the IRS and send you an email with IRS confirmation of a successful upload.

Our friendly Customer Service Reps will interact with the FIRE site and verify that your file has been processed and is in a GOOD, RELEASED status or a BAD status. If we receive a BAD status, we will notify you, help you figure out why and file a replacement, if necessary, for an additional filing fee.

When uploading through our Service Bureau in the 1099 program, you will be given the option to upload a single file or multiple files. If you are planning to upload multiple files, we suggest waiting and uploading all your files at the same time. This makes it easier, so we give you a very SIGNIFICANT discount for uploading this way. Below are the prices listed for the number of files and the discount you can get for uploading and paying for the files at the same time:

Number of FilesPriceDiscount Price

e-Filing to the IRS using the FIRE site (FIRE.IRS.GOV)

1099 Express allows you to e-File to the IRS for FREE. However, you must have a TCC from the IRS. Learn how to get a TCC.

What's New for Existing FIRE Accounts?

Form 4419, Application for Filing Information Return Electronically (FIRE) Transmitter Control Code (TCC) Fill in option has been replaced by the online Information Return (IR) Application for Transmitter Control Code (TCC).

To request an additional TCC, use the online IR Application for TCC. To learn more, visit the FIRE System Update page.

You can use Paper Form 4419 only to update your business name, contact name, phone number or address on an existing TCC.

The notice below has been attached to every confirmation from the IRS for months which highlights the changes to the FIRE login system.

Beginning on September 19, 2021, you will be required to enter your UserID, Password, TCC, EIN, and Business Name exactly as it currently appears in the FIRE System when you log onto the FIRE System. With this change you will no longer need to enter your TCC and EIN for each file you submit, instead, these fields will populate with the TCC and EIN entered at logon. You will not be able to change the TCC and EIN once you are logged in.

This logon change has already been made to the FIRE Test System. You may test your logon on the Test System so you will be ready for the changes on the Production System.

The biggest ROADBLOCK is knowing how your name was registered when you initially received your TCC from the IRS. Your company name will have all punctuation removed and sometimes a space was added when removing that punctuation such as a period ('.') or a comma (',').

All our staff had to create a new FIRE login even though we had our company name spelled correctly so be prepared to do that as well.

PLEASE test your login on the IRS FIRE TEST site as soon as possible!

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