e-Filing to States
(NEC Info Only)

Updated: November 8, 2023

Our new direct filing process is up. To learn how to file with this process, please see our instructions on 'filing 1099-NECs to the states'. Note that this system will NOT detect duplicates and cannot file corrections so it is up to you to make sure that you do not duplicate file or submit a correction through this system.

Now that the 1099-NEC form is included in the Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) program, the number of states that we file through this new system has decreased. If the state is a part of the CF/SF program and the state is not listed on the 'States that Require Direct Reporting', then as long as you file to the IRS with the CF/SF program checked for your file, then you *should* be good to go (note that this statement depends on the state and their requirements).

Upload your file as you would through the program (see our upload instructions for help). At the 'Data Entry' page, make sure to select the 'E-Filing NEC to States' and follow the prompts to validate your file for the states. If you get errors, simply fix the errors and try again. You can easily print the error list for easy access to view the errors as you fix them. If your file validated and went through to the IRS successfully, this does not mean that it will be that smooth at the states. Some of the state filing requirements are more stringent then the IRS.

For more detailed step-by-step instruction on filing to the states through our system, please see our instructions on 'filing 1099-NECs to the states'.

Please note, that we try our best to gather the most accurate information on this topic before posting information on this page. If there is a specific question regarding an individual state, please contact that state directly for accurate clarification.

Number of FormsPrice per Form
1 to 50 $ 1.99
51 to 100 $ 1.59
101 to 250 $ 1.39
251 to 500 $ 1.19
501 to 1,000 $ 1.09
Over 1,000 $ 0.99

States in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program

The below states participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program (CF/SF). We automatically file these to the states if we file to the IRS for you at no extra charge. Note that some states that are in the CF/SF program still require direct reporting of specific forms with or without state withholding. If you are unsure, please contact the state directly.

If using our direct reporting system, some of these states will show up as un-reportable. This happens because we do not submit the files from the direct reporting system to the CF/SF program.

Alabama AL
Arkansas AR
Arizona AZ
California CA
Colorado CO
Connecticut CT
Delaware DE
District of Columbia DC
Georgia GA
Hawaii HI
Idaho ID
Indiana IN
Kansas KS
Louisiana LA
Massachusetts MA
Maryland MD
Maine ME
Michigan MI
Minnesota MN
Missouri MO
Mississippi MS
Montana MT
North Carolina NC
North Dakota ND
Nebraska NE
New Jersey NJ
New Mexico NM
Ohio OH
Oklahoma OK
Pennsylvania PA
South Carolina SC
Wisconsin WI

States that Require Direct Reporting

The below are states that from our research, require direct reporting in some aspect. This could be for all 1099-NECs or could be only if the forms have withholding. Some states that are in the CF/SF program still require direct reporting.

We try to support as many states as possible for filing directly, but we can't cover all states due to requirements at some states.
★ - States with this star (★) require direct reporting even if there is No Withholding. We can file these directly to the state.
☆ - States with this star (☆) require direct reporting With Withholding. We cannot file these directly to the state.
⊘ - States with this symbol (⊘) require some form of direct reporting. We cannot file directly to these states.

Arkansas AR ★ ☆
Arizona AZ
Connecticut CT ★ ☆
Washington D.C. DC ★ ☆
Georgia GA
Iowa IA
Kansas KS ★ ☆
Kentucky KY
Mississippi MS ★ ☆
Nebraska NE
North Carolina NC
Ohio OH
Oregon OR ★ ☆
Pennsylvania PA ★ ☆
Rhode Island RI
Virginia VA
Vermont VT ★ ☆
Wisconsin WI
West Virginia WV

Most of the information that guided our decisions in what states to support comes from SOVOS. If you believe this is incorrect or have a suggestion, please feel free to email 'support@1099express.com' and link the information that you have on the topic. This is not a guarantee that we will change the system, but give better insight in how we can assist you in this filing time.

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