Warning: 1099-NEC deadline is January 31st!!

1095 Express

Any day we expect this filing requirement for Health Insurance to go away but until it does our program is the easiest way to meet your obligation.

Our program supports paperless e-filing for FREE directly from your computer to the IRS FIRE site with your own AIR TCC. No need to worry about security as you maintain control of your data throughout the entire process. Or we can print, mail and e-File your 1095's for you.

Our 1095 Express software is Approved by the IRS for mailing Black and White laser created and automatically filled-in 1094-1095 forms to the IRS.

1095 sample form

Importing data is as easy as Copy and Paste from Excel by Header Name. You can do this by going to 'Edit' -> 'Paste from Excel by Header Name' (fourth from the top) or by right clicking on the grid and selecting 'Paste from Excel by Header Name' from the dropdown list.

Paste directly from Excel into 1095 Express by header name

Sample Excel spreadsheets are available in the program by going to File -> Open Sample Excel Spreadsheet (third option from the bottom).

You can print all your forms on to plain paper directly from the program. No need for special forms or envelopes. These can be mailed directly to your recipients.

e-Filing to the IRS AIR is available from the program as long as you have your own AIR TCC.

If you are uncomfortable with the e-Filing process, we can do it for you for a fee. The cost to e-File is $75 for up to 10,000 forms. We will interact with the AIR team to get your files e-Filed and get an ACCEPTED status for you. If the file is ACCEPTED with ERRORS we will work with you to get those errors corrected and e-Filed again for a fee.

Please give us a call to discuss options and services regarding your 1094 and 1095 e-filing at (361) 884-1500

Here are some helpful links and contact information for the IRS.

Contact the IRS: Special E-Mail: AirMailBox@IRS.GOV

Contact the IRS: By Telephone: HelpDesk: 866-937-4130

We also offer Print & Mail services to complete the process from beginning to end for you. Please give us a call for an individual quote: (361) 884-1500

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