Service Bureau

Our Service Bureau offers multiple services to make information reporting a breeze. We utilize state of the art encryption on all our servers as well as encryption in transit and at rest. Our recently completed SOC II Type I audit can be made available upon request. Our goal is total protection of your data from upload, to processing and storage.

We can TIN match, e-File, and print & mail all the forms generated by our Suite of Software products. Our prices are incredibly reasonable for all the services we provide.

E-Filing is $75 per file (or $125 for 1095 files) up to 10,000 records per file however there is a discount option available for submitting multiple files at the same time. For more information on pricing when submitting multiple files, please visit our E-Filing page. E-Filing is required by the IRS if you have more the 10 forms for one Filer. Our software is capable of printing on the IRS red forms if you have less that 10 and then you can mail them in on paper for free. This is a great benefit for smaller companies who do not meet the 10-count threshold.

TIN Matching is $74 per file up to 10,000 records as well. TIN matching is a critical tool in your arsenal to help prevent or abate potential penalties imposed by the IRS for name/TIN mismatches. By the time the IRS notifies a filer that there is an error you are at the $280 max penalty for EACH mismatch.

TIN Matching can be performed before or after e-Filing and may be used to help secure a Reasonable Cause defense to help abate IRS penalties for mismatches. For more information on this service, please visit our Tin Matching page.

Print & mail pricing is based on volume. We utilize a state-of-the-art print house in a secure SOC II Type II environment. We printed over One million forms last year and are fully capable of printing and mailing many more. Prepayment of the invoice or a postage deposit is required prior to mailing any forms. This is due to postage being an upfront nonrefundable expense for us. For more information on pricing, please visit our Print & Mail page.

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