All downloads are initially installed in trial mode. This allows "try before you buy". Test printing, data entry, imports from Excel by copy and paste, the sample spreadsheet and more. When purchased and activated, all functions are available. There is no need to re-install the software.

Install and activation instructions for all 1099Express programs (This does not include the XPS Converter Instructions).

Product Name Download
Just Me
(Simple, no admin rights required)
Everyone Using Machine
Recommended for IT
(Admin rights required)
NOTE! Please Uninstall Pre-Release 2023 before installing 1099Express 2023
1099 Express for 2023
Version: 2023.85
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W-2 Express for 2023
Version: 2023.68
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1042-S Express for 2023
Version: 2023.89
Check Sum
1095 Express for 2023
Version: 2023.76
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1099 Express for 2024 Pre-Release
Version: 2024.85
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Pre-Printed Form Converter (PPFC)
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