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Install Instructions

Installing any of 1099Express' programs is very simple, however, sometimes you will need the assistance of your IT division to install the software for you. Below is a step by step process of installing our software on a Windows 10 machine, however, the process is the same for a Windows 7 or 8 machine as well.

1099Express' programs are only compatible with Windows Operating Systems.

Step by step Installation Instructions:

  • If you haven't already, download the version of our software that you want to try or have purchased.
  • Now navigate to where the downloads are saved which is normaly your user's 'Downloads' folder (C:\Users\<UsersName>\Downloads). On Windows 10 you can naviagte to 'This PC' -> 'Downloads'.
  • Downloads folder with 1099Express installer in it
  • Once you have located the program installer, double click the installer (using the left mouse button, click twice in quick succession). The installer should highlight and after a few seconds (depending on your computer's hardware and what programs you have open in the background) the User Account Control (or admin permission) should appear. Select 'Yes' to allow the program to install on your computer. Our software needs this permission so that it can install into your root directory on you boot drive (Windows defaults to C:\). This is done to allow for easy access to files that you create with our software.
  • Windows 10 User Account Control for 1099express
  • After a few seconds, the Installation Wizard will appear on your screen.
  • 1099Express Installation Wizard
  • Follow the instructions on the Installation Wizard.
  • Once the intallation process is complete you will see the program installed successfuly. At this point you may now click the 'Finish' button at the bottom of the Installation Wizard.
  • 1099Express Installation Wizard Finished screen
  • At this point, your 1099Express program is now installed are ready to go. You can launch the software by double clicking the shortcut that is on the desktop.

Zip Install

This install method is avalable if you have a problem installing 1099Express with the T99Express.exe installer. Click below to save the .zip file anywhere on your computer, more then likely, your 'Downloads' folder.
E2019.zip (Choose 'Save As')

Navigate to the zip file, and double click to unzip it. You will see a folder called 'E2019'. Copy that folder to your root 'C' drive (Not Program Files). Navigate to 'C:\E20XX\Bin' then doulbe click on Shortcut.exe. A shortcut is put on your desktop. Double click the icon to start 1099 Express for 2019.

Activation Instructions

Activating any of 1099Express' programs is very simple. All activations are tied directly to the Current User that is logged into windows. Activating the software on an administrator account or account other then the one that will be used by the user when using the given program will cause problems of non-activated programs as well as the inability to activate due to the already activated program on another user. The activation key for your program will be the invoice number that you received when you purchased the program on our website.

Below is a step by step process of activating our software on a Windows 10 machine, however, the process is the same for a Windows 7 or 8 machine as well.

Step by step Activation Instructions:

  • If you haven't already, download and installed the version of our software that you have purchased. If you have not purchased our software yet and are just wanting to try our software, you can! Just download and install using the links above and run the program and click 'OK - Test Mode' on the about screen and you are good to try our software. You can purchase the software from our Products and Pricing page.
  • When you open up a non-activated version of our program, you will be met with the 'About' screen for that program.
  • 1099Express software about page
  • Click the 'Activate Program' button to move forward with activating your program. A message screen will appear and you need to click 'Auto'
  • 1099Express software activation selection message
  • The screen that shows up has a field for you to enter the invoice number that you received when purchasing our software. Type the number into the field and click 'Ok'.
  • 1099Express software activation invoice entry
  • The program will go through its activation process and give you a message saying 'Program Activated'
  • 1099Express software activation complete
  • If you have any problems activating your software, please visit our activation help or call us at: (361) 884-500
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