Sending (Uploading) a Single .src to the Service Bureau.

- Open a single file into the 1099 Express program.
- Verify you have then latest Version by clicking then Internet Menu, then "Check for New Version".
- Click the Service Bureau Menu, then Send.

- Check the Method and Purpose shown below.
- Type your sender's information. Email is critical for confirmations.
- Click I Agree - Continue and Send.

Choose Pay Now or Invoice Me.

If you choose Invoice Me, then print then
Print the CONFIRMATION WINDOW below, and click Close.

Click OK below. You may send another single file the same way.

-------------------- OR --------------------

If you choose to pay by credit card, a window for $75.00 will appear:

- Make sure the Customer ID is shown below (not 123465).
- If no Customer ID, call tech support 361-884-1500.
- Click the "Step 1 Pay" Button below.
- Make sure the "New Invoice Number" appears in the white box below.
- Write down the new invoice number.
- It then goes to your Browser on the Internet.
- Make sure the Internet windows is Middle Sized (not taking your entire screen).

- In the payment process Add the New Invoice number.
- Add your e-Mail to the payment process.

If you get lost in the payment process, click your 1099Express ICON on the Task Bar
Click the Task Bar

- When the payment is made and confirmed,
- Click Step 2 - SendFiles.
- Print
the CONFIRMATION WINDOW shown above, click Close.
- Repeat the process to send additional files.