Instructions on how to send a 1099 (.src) files for e-Filing one-at-a-time.

Instructions on how to send Multiple 1099s (.src) files for e-Filing all-at-once.

Filing to the IRS - Reminders for 2019.

Free Filing Options

Free Option 1: Our 1099Express customers may e-File 1099-Misc (the most common, deadline January 31, 2020) to the IRS at no cost with their login code from the IRS. The login code is called the TCC or Transmitter Control Code. It is easy to get. This login code allows you to upload any number of Companies/Entities. You need only ONE TCC, for all companies. Never order more than one TCC from the IRS.

To order your TCC login code, got to Then create your account with password, PIN, etc. At the Main Menu, click the Fill-in-Form 4491. Reminder: Be sure to print your IRS confirmation page when you e-File your own forms.

Free Option 2: Form 1099-Misc, the most common type of 1099 form for vendors, contractors, etc. You may file to the IRS using scanner ready paper forms. 1099 Express can PRINT ON those forms. The 1099-Misc forms may then be mailed to the IRS, (deadline January 31, 2020). Note: Maximum of 250 forms per Company/Filer/Payer. 

Note: 1099-Misc-NEC (money in Box7) and W-2 forms are the only forms that must be e-Filed by January 21, 2020. All other 1099 Series, such as 1099-Misc (with no money in Box7), 1099-Interest, 1099-K, 1099-Div, etc. are not due for e-Filing until March 31, 2020. For more detailed information see Deadlines

Pay Filing Options:

For Tax Year 2019 (filed in early 2020) our new Service Bureau system requires all 1099 forms (.src files) be upload through the 1099 Express Enterprise Software, not uploaded via our web site. Other files for W-2 Forms (.w2), 1095 (.T95) or 1042-S (.T42) files will be uploaded via the web site, same as last year.

See the links below for how to e-File 1099 (.src files) via the Program. This new system provides quick automatic confirmation of e-Filing to the IRS, within hours rather than days. The program validates your data, to make sure the IRS will accept your data, and much more.

Service Bureau Option 1 single files:

- Verify you have the latest version of 1099 Express Software, by clicking the Internet Menu, then "Check For New Version".
- The cost is $75 per single file (for each group of 1099s in a .src file, up to 10,000 forms per file).
- Single files are sent one at a time.
- Single files may be:
- Invoiced when sent and paid later, or 
- Paid when sent by credit card.
- Click here for how to send SINGLE FILES one at a time: Single .src File. Please review BEFORE the "Last Minute".

Service Bureau Option 2 multiple files:
- Verify you have the latest version of 1099 Express Software, by clicking the Internet Menu, then "Check For New Version".
- There is a cost discount in the program for multiple files sent at one time.
- The sliding scale cost is shown in the program, by clicking the Service Bureau Menu, then Send, then Discount.
- The maximum number that can be sent each time is 30 files.
- Files sent this must be paid by credit cart at the time sent.
- Automatic confirmation of e-Filing should be received within hours the same day.
- Click here for how to send MULTIPLE FILES at one time: Multiple .src Files Please review BEFORE the "Last Minute".