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Renewal Notice

Each year, when the 1099 Express software is updated, we send out a renewal notice to all of our customers that purchased our program the year before. These emails contain information stating what is new with filing for the next year as well as links to purchase and download the new version of the software. This page holds the records of previous renewal notices for your convenience.


1099 Express 2020 Renewal Notice

October 2020

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our 1099 Express software last year. We have been hard at work updating the software to accommodate the NEW 1099 NEC form the IRS added for 2020. The 1099 NEC form will be used to report all Non-Employee Compensation that used to be reported on the 1099 Misc form (in Box 7) in prior years. Please pay special attention to payments to Attorneys as not all payments are reported on the 1099 Misc form anymore. IRS Instructions link

The deadline for filing 1099 NEC forms is Jan 31, 2021 or late filing penalties will apply. No automatic extensions are available.

If your Accounting Program or ERP system has not been updated to accommodate the new IRS form – DO NOT FRET 1099 Express has you covered! Our software can accommodate the 1099 data from your system in either an excel or XPS format and you can break it out into the NEW required format for the IRS. Please go to Copy and Paste from Excel to learn more.

The IRS penalty for TIN-Name mismatches is up to $270 per form. Upload your spreadsheet early via our Service Bureau to be pro-active in Tin-Name matching. This can help you establish “Reasonable Cause” to possibly abate potential penalties. See TIN-Matching for more information.

Our product line also offers 1042S Express, 1095/1094 Express for ACA Healthcare reporting and W2 Express. The downloads for these products will become available as the programs are released. Please go to Software for more information.

To order online by credit card please use your Customer ID show above and go to Order Online. Please update any contact information when you order. If you have any trouble, please give us a call. Downloading, Installing and Activation is immediate.

To order by Check, please go to Check Order Form and print out the form. You can mail it to us along with payment. Upon receipt of your payment and form we will email you with all the activation and installation instructions so you can move forward.

If you have already purchased the program please go to Downloads to get the updated release of the program or to download the program.

Contact us at Support@1099express.com or call 361-884-1500 for assistance.

If you receive multiple copies of this notice, please accept our apology and disregard extra copies.

Sincerely, 1099 Express Support Team
E-Mail: support@1099express.com
Phone: 361-884-1500

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