Renewal Notice

Each year, when the 1099 Express software is updated, we send out a renewal notice to all of our customers that purchased our program the year before. These emails contain information stating what is new with filing for the next year as well as links to purchase and download the new version of the software. This page holds the records of previous renewal notices for your convenience.

November 2021

Great News

The new version of the 1099Express software is available for purchase and download on our website. Thank you so much for purchasing our software last year and we look forward to working with you this 2022 tax season.

Other News

1099-NEC is part of the CF/SF program this year

At this time, we are not sure which if any of the states, will be requiring direct reporting of the NEC form but please check our website often for updates.

If it becomes necessary to direct report to the states, we have vastly improved the upload process for state filing. No need to create a new CSV file – you only need to upload the .src file. So much easier!

Deadlines for filing the 1099 NEC remain the same as last year which is January 31st or late filing penalties will apply.

System Updates

Emails used instead of Customer ID

For the 2021 tax season you will notice both a design change and some functionality changes. We have moved away from using 'Customer Numbers' in favor of 'Email addresses'. Since emails are unique and is our main way of communicating with our customers when processing files, we transitioned our system to using only your email address. We still have your customer number and if needed, we can locate your account with this number. This will slowly be phased out as the current system is used and your information is updated.

Another fun update includes our desktop program ICON and file ICONS have been changed. The icons are no longer red, white, and blue so watch for that and let us know how you like them.

Other Improvements

Generate your own Invoices

For those customers who need an invoice to process through their accounting departments you will be able to generate your own invoice and have it emailed to you. Just go through the regular purchasing process of adding it to the cart and when you get to check out, just choose the check or ACH option. You will receive an email with the invoice attached.

The Check Order Form is still available on the Support page of the website if you would like to use that option. You will receive an email once your check is received and posted to your account.

Penalties Increase Again

IRS Increases TIN Name Mismatch penalties

The IRS penalty for TIN-Name mismatches is up to $280 per form. Upload your spreadsheet early via our Service Bureau to be pro-active in TIN-Name matching. This can help you establish “Reasonable Cause” to possibly abate potential penalties. See TIN-Matching for more information.

Other Important Information

Other Products

Our product line also offers 1042S Express, 1095/1094 Express for ACA Healthcare reporting and W2 Express. The downloads for these products will become available as the programs are released. Please go to Products

for more information.

If you have already purchased the program, please go to Downloads to get the updated release of the program or to download the program.

Contact us at or call 361-884-1500 for assistance.

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