Our Software makes
information reporting effortless

Our suite of software products covers most information reporting requirements for the IRS and SSA. We offer products for the entire series of 1099 forms including the W2-G, the ACA 1094/1095 B & C, 1042-S and W2 forms.

You can print or eFile directly from the programs for no additional charge. These services are built into all our programs and most of our programs support corrections for current and past years.

If you have less than 10 forms, you can print onto the IRS red forms and mail them to the IRS for free. If you have a TCC (Transmitter Control Code) you can eFile to the IRS for free. There is no need to purchase special forms since you can print on to plain paper and send to the recipients yourself.

As part of our SaaS we can perform the services of eFiling or Print & Mail for a fee. All you must do is upload your file via our Service Bureau on our website. We deploy state of the art encryption on our servers and protect data in transit and at rest. .

Importing data into any of our programs is as easy as copy and paste from excel or using our free XPS software to convert accounting data from other software like QuickBooks or Sage. Your data remains secure on your local server or hard drive.

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