Getting Started

It's getting to be crunch time and your 1099 Misc files are due to the IRS. What do you do??!

  1. First thing to do is purchase the program and get it installed.
  2. Let's get it activated. Find the icon on the desktop and launch the program. It will prompt you to activate by using the invoice number you just reveived in your email. Choose 'Auto', enter the Invoice number and click 'Ok'. Should say program Activated. If you are having trouble activating, please read our full activation instructions here.
  3. Once the program is activated you can enter in your filer information by choosing options, Filer and following the prompts.
  4. Next import your data using excel - copy and paste by header name,
    Copy & Paste

    XPS Import, or manual entry.
    Add Payee

    For step by step instructions on importing from excel.
  5. Finally make sure that you save your file before attempting to print or e-file. Now that your file is done it's time to decide who will be doing the printing, mailing and e-Filing. We can do all of that for you for a fee or you can do it yourself by filing directly to the IRS for free.

As always we are available for questions or to help - please give us a call at (361) 884-1500 and one of our friendly Texan associates will be happy to help.

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