1099 Express

Unlike our competitors that offer modules or charge for added capabilities, with 1099 Express,
ONE PROGRAM does all 1099 series forms!
Our program supports paperless e-filing for free directly from your computer to the irs fire site with your own TCC. No need to worry about security as your maintain control of your data throughout the entire process. This includes free state e-Filing under the IRS combined federal state filing program for those states that participate or those that accept the IRS Pub 1220 format file but require direct filing.
Importing data is as easy as Copy and Paste from Excel by Header Name.
  • The Program supports the IRS policy for masking all tax ID numbers (XXXXX1234) for security and prints approved forms on blank paper for all tax years. With ONE PROGRAM you can print and e-file Originals and Corrections for current and past tax years.
  • The Program does support paper filing to the IRS as well, however you must purchase the Red Copy A forms from office supply stores or order them from the IRS.
  • The Program can create password protected PDF files so you can email forms to recipients as long as the IRS procedures for Emailing Forms are followed.
We also offer Print & Mail services to complete the process from beginning to end for you. Please give us a call for an individual quote: (361) 884-1500
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